Dr Helen Klus

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Dr Helen Klus is a science communicator and astronomer with a background in physics and philosophy. She is the author of the How We Came to Know the Cosmos series.

Klus currently works at the Royal Astronomical Society, which promotes astronomy, solar-system science, and geophysics around the world.

Klus has interviewed numerous astronomers, including Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees and PI of the Juno mission Scott Bolton, and has discussed astronomy in the media, including on CNN, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service.

Klus was previously shortlisted for the Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize in association with the 'Guardian' and the 'Observer'.

Klus gained her PhD in Physics (University of Southampton, 2015) using data from X-ray telescopes to study explosions on neutron stars. Neutron stars may be the fastest spinning and most magnetic objects in the universe, some have magnetic fields so high that they exhibit quantum-like behaviour.

Klus also has a BSc in Astronomy and Philosophy (University of Sheffield, 2006) and an MA in Philosophy of Physics (University of Leeds, 2008), where she specialised in the many worlds approach to quantum mechanics.


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